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Visions &Values

Our Visions &Values have been reviewed in 2022 with our worship team, Miss Elliott and Reverend Neil.

As a school we want our children to have roots, in and through which they will grow, but also for them to have the confidence in knowing they have wings, wings that are as unique as they are, to fly and to flourish in their lives.

                Roots give to us a solid foundation upon which to build and grow our lives, individually and together. Roots also never stop growing if they continue to be nourished. Roots give to us a real sense of identity and belonging, and the knowledge that no matter what might happen our roots remain strong and firm.

                We want our children to grow by being contemplative, compassionate and courageous. In being rooted in knowing we are all loved by God, we are then able to be more aware of our God given wings to fly and to flourish, to bear fruit in our lives, fruit of the Holy Spirit, fruit that will last. (John 15 v16)

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