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School Uniform


  • Burgundy Cardigan or Sweatshirt *

  • White Blouse

  • Grey Skirt or Trousers

  • Tie *

  • Winter - grey or white socks or tights

  • Summer - red and white gingham dress

  • White/grey socks           * All available from the school supplier


  • Burgundy Sweatshirt *

  • White Shirt

  • Grey Trousers or Shorts

  • Tie *

  • Grey/dark socks                         * All available from the school supplier

PE Uniform

  • White PE Polo Shirt (badged or plain)

  • Navy Shorts 

  • Burgundy hoody 

All available from the school supplier


Hair, Jewellery & Nail Varnish

Long hair should be tied back, male or female.

We would prefer that children to not wear earrings, but we understand that stud earrings sometimes have to be worn to school to stop holes closing up. If earrings are worn, they MUST be preferably removed  or at least covered for PE lessons.

No other jewellery is allowed other than a wristwatch (preferably with analogue and digital display to help children with telling the time).

Non-Uniform Days

We have regular non-uniform days on which children may come in their own clothes. We collect donations for chosen charities or for the school council on these days.

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