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Please read to keep your children safe on the internet

In relation to safeguarding, in all School holidays, I would like to remind parents to reinforce to all their children the importance of being vigilant over personal safety in terms of both their physical security as well as their virtual safety when accessing the internet and social media sites. Sadly, there are some very unpleasant characters in the world and as many parents already do, we need to ensure the safety of the young people in our community remains a priority both when in sight as well as when out of sight. Over any School holiday, should you have any safeguarding concerns, please call the police, if this is appropriate, on 101/0300 111 222 for non- emergencies or 999 for emergencies. Oxfordshire Social Care are available through 0345 0507666.


Please see the information from Northamptonshire Police  regarding online safety

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